[SOLVED] cURL error 3: malformed

This happened on GuzzleHttp

Below code give me that error

The quick solve is to reformat above code to below

https://stackoverflow.com/a/53831345 🙂

[SOLVED] QGis Invalid export geojson result

I need to convert a .shp file to .geojson for my leaflet based web map. When i export the layer to geojson it’s says successful and the result looks like just OK. But wait…

Leaflet normally ask geojson formatted like this:

Look at coordinates list. The latitude must be between -90 to 90 and -180 to 180 for longitude. But what i got is number about hundred thousand. After a quick googling, i got this stackexchange answer:

Try to change the layer CRS with Rightclick ->Set Layer CRS to EPSG:3857. To verify that your data is in the correct place you can load the openlayers plugin with Google or Openstreetmap background.

For Geojson export, the target CRS must be EPSG:4326. You have to set that manually when using Rightclick->Save As....


Python Datetime to Epoch Milliseconds

[SOLVED] Class ‘Tymon\JWTAuth\Providers\JWTAuthServiceProvider’ not found

This error happened after i’m trying to publish vendor via artisan command.

Solved by changing


Then run php artisan vendor:publish again.


[SOLVED] Adobe Breaks My Font

This happened when my team ask me to slice an Adobe Illustrator .ai file from our client. At the first time i open the file AI notify me that some fonts are not installed in my mac. It’s also offered me if i want to solve it by activating the missing font from Adobe font. It’s cool feature right..

Adobe AI missing font notification

But.. here is the story begin.

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[SOLVED] App Store quit unexpectedly while using the VDC Video plug-in

I don’t know what exactly going on.
But after i try this command line, everything works again.

Source: https://www.macobserver.com/tips/macos-disable-webcam-mac/

[SOLVED] [Composer\Downloader\TransportException] Content-Length mismatch, received bytes out of the expected

Content-Length mismatch, received 66345 bytes out of the expected 354982

Just change the default repo url to:

Ref: https://shoutech.wordpress.com/2017/05/04/composer-content-length-mismatch-httppackagist-org-could-not-be-fully-loaded/

[SOLVED] MySQL error “only_full_group_by”

Put this line at the very bottom of your <code>my.cnf</code> (usually located in /etc/mysql/my.cnf)